Verian Thomas (verian) wrote in things,
Verian Thomas


Jesus and the giant moth

Jesus and the giant moth.

"Are you going to just sit there all day?" Asked Jesus.

"Perhaps, it depends," replied the moth.

"Depends on what?"

"Stuff," said the non-committal giant moth.

"What sort of stuff?" Asked Jesus.

"Ya know, just stuff." It replied.

"No, I don't know," Jesus said because he didn't, "what sort of stuff?"

"I don't think you really want to know."

"But do, really, won't you tell me?"


"On what?" Jesus was becoming a little annoyed by now.

"Oh, ya know, stuff."

"No, I don't know, come on, just tell me will you?"

"hmmmm, Ok, See that spider over there?"

"Yes," replied Jesus, eyeing the spider.

"Do you know her name?"

"No," Jesus replied, "What is it?"



"Yes really, anyway, Gertrude and I made a bet." The moth said.

"What sort of bet?" Asked Jesus.

"The sort I'm about to win," the moth said with a moth smile.

"Are you, how?"

"Ah well, gotta go and collect my winnings, see ya."
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