Lackadaisical Sophist (pinkfu) wrote in things,
Lackadaisical Sophist

Thing #3 | Piggy piggy.

image removed to people stealing my bandwidth a lot

Yes, the latest Thing is a cute pig. Have fun.

Oh, and you can still post past Things if you're still working on it or something. Don't let the new Thing-posts stop ya.

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Silly, you gotta post this to the community for people to see it.
Dear Pinky,

I am having trouble with this usability nightmare that is LiveJournal. Please direct me to the location where I might actually post to this community.

(I really like this idea, BTW.)

LJ is simple, silly.
Ya join the community (click: )
Then to add it as a post to a community, you go to the bad ass full update webpage (click: ) and select "things" where it says "journal to post in"

Unless you're using one of the clients? That's even easier